During Soviet times, split sleep was accepted norm, but now everything is different. The shift from feeding on the regime and mainly artificial feeding natural feeding on demand has meant that more and more moms are practising joint sleep with infants because of its convenience.

I also went on the road, since co-sleep give chest and sleep further along, I was more comfortable than the rest of the night to feed and lay.

But sooner or later the kid "moves" in its crib. In our case, it happened in 5 months, as common dreams has become inconvenient. With 4.5 months daughter started to move, turn, and we are constantly being woken up each other. Fall asleep without breast she didn't like, and eventually the whole night was held with the breast in the mouth (though she slept quietly since birth on 3:00). This state of affairs I am absolutely not satisfied because we are both not clean.

I highlighted two main problems:

1. Baby cannot (or will not) to fall asleep alone (s) with breast easier, warmer and cozier, so she and requests. In addition, babies hard to move to a new cycle of sleep, if the circumstances under which he showered, changed (falling asleep with the breast in the mouth-woke up without her; falling asleep with motion sickness-woke up lying in a crib, etc.), so often mom notice that kid wakes up every 1.5 hours-this is one cycle. The baby continued to sleep-you must recreate circumstances again sleep (in our case-to give the chest);

2. Daughter not naedaetsja/does not satisfy the sucking reflex in the afternoon.

The solution we have been:

1. To start the steel to spend more time in a crib day to become accustomed to her daughter. Day dreams its always been problematic to lay, so "moving" it was decided to start with a night of dreams (Besides, aged 5 months already sleep hormone melatonin, which promotes sleep).

After an evening feeding began to shift her daughter to bed not sleeping, and polusonnuju (not waiting when enters a phase of deep sleep, otherwise through 1.5 hours will have to be stacked). See that no longer eats and wheezes-pick my chest and lay. If you fell asleep-I awaken (quietly saying that the time had come to bed, slightly poglazhivaju and polusonnuju let). Beyond the first week and a half baby expressed all that thinks about this. Massage, singing, rattles, etc. -in the course went all that can soothe without removing the child from the crib. If you did not help anything and go into hysterics began to cry-took on the hands. Enfolded, explained that it's time for bed, already adult-got to sleep in his crib, etc. How satisfied-return to bed. If after an hour to lay could not-give the chest and all over. The first week was able to lay the baby on the third step, then a few days-on the second.

Over 1.5 weeks happened a miracle! After an evening feeding just put polusonnuju daughter to bed and she sat back, fell asleep. From me took only a pat on the back a couple of minutes.

2. With regard to the second paragraph: my daughter doesn't know what a dummy and how to use it. Initially not planned to teach her to sleep with a pacifier in his mouth, because they are in the process of sleep lost more often than breasts, and the kid just cannot sleep while in the mouth will not return a familiar dummy.

At the time of the night "moving" in the crib we had 3 daytime sleep, 2 of which (morning and evening) was the daughter of the chest, meeting the sucking reflex and appetite, as well as stimulating lactation (the second son (the longest)-walking in the standing wheelchair, to get a better night's sleep). Evening feeding also ended in "viseniem" on the chest from 40 minutes to an hour.

This separation of dreams (part-part of the breast-self to sleep) is not the correct move according to consultants on sleep, but it really helped escape from nighttime feedings and with 5.5 months to sleep at 6:00, with 6 months 8-10 hours (for full breastfeeding). Up to 9 months my attempts to switch to daytime dreams in the cot turn out violent obsasyvaniem fingers, nervousness and, as a consequence, the ugly night's sleep.

In 9 months, daughter of fully completed to fall asleep on his chest and "moved" into a separate room. At this age she had a night's sleep with 20-21 h. to 09-10 h. am (with a break in the morning feeding in 05-06 am). Then, through 2:00 after awakening is the first 1.5 hour sleep and through 3:00 first day after waking up from sleep is the second 1.5 hour sleep. Through 3-3, 5:00 -night sleep.

Now to all the dreams go like this: down the curtain, close the door, give the breasts ("Crib" in the remaining time (not at night) eat lying down). How about (I have it very active and her chest is the best way to calm down and tune in to sleep; sleep consultants do not recommend include the breasts in a ritual before bed, but for us this is the best option that works)-take the chest, take the hands (as "column"), podnoshu to the crib. Cot stand a couple of minutes-daughter produces air, puts his head on my shoulder. Then put in the crib and give into the hands of swaddling in which we usually eat (respectively, with the smell of mom and milk). Say "Bye-Bye, sweet dreams, bye bye" at hand and leave. Minutes 10 babe gets back and falls asleep. If unable to fall asleep and daughter starts screaming-return, decide the problem that caused her discontent, and again ukladyvaju velour Huggy toy chest-to-schema-cot. During periods of active teething, surges of development etc. I go to some concessions and help her sleep buttons (read more about how to sleep in an excited state-here), but as soon as these circumstances are disappearing-go back to the previous scheme falling asleep.


Care from night feeding is an important part of "moving" to bed, because while the child constantly eats at night-a separate sleep will not bring anything except lack of sleep and nervousness (by both the mother and the child).

Nocturnal feeding we alienated gradually. When my daughter started waking up-I stroked her back, etc., if started screaming-took on the hands. Both calmed down-back to the crib. Maximally tried to survive without feeding. If sleep is still not worked for a long time-then the chest. And so gradually feeding move. When the body is accustomed, that it does not feed during this time-he stopped waking up.

While escaping from the nightly feedings and the transition to fall asleep independently, lay the child may Dad or another person who knows how to do it. Sometimes this makes it easier to "moving" because the Pope is not breast milk from it does not smell, which means no temptation.


Teach the child fall asleep independently, which is accustomed to falling asleep with the breast in the mouth is not an easy task and requires maximum concentration and patience moms. The most important thing is not to surrender in the middle of the process of fatigue or inability to endure the screams of his heart, as if the kid after two hours (and even worse days) screams still falls asleep on his chest so he shouted in vain.

If the mother-father-child, other family members are comfortable with common dreams, and all the while get enough sleep-perhaps we should not change anything until the child himself decides to "move" or breastfeeding. However, it should be remembered that with 6-9 months sleep heart can significantly deteriorate due to the beginning of dentacii (teething), as well as irregular development (seat-crawling-standing-walking). If a kid until that time, learns to fall asleep on their own, the situation may become critical with sleeping-mom needs to be ready for this, so that you do not have to abandon breast-feeding for the sake of a good night's sleep.

In addition, even if you share my dream ability to fall asleep on their own (just lying next to her mother) will not prevent, so Division meals and sleep is a very important aspect in the adaptation of the heart.


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