Breastfeeding is probably one of the most natural processes. and nature considered everything: from becoming and transition to mature lactation until the completion of breastfeeding. However, due to the lack of continuity of generations (many of the current moms have grown by artificial feeding, and if they were breast-fed, our moms listened to more doctors with their theories about constant pumping, namazyvaniiing nipples green, Drag breasts and other, fashionable at the time, ways execution) in nursing moms raises a lot of questions about lactation in general, and its completion in particular. Still often there are stories of moms about how they drag breasts, earning mastitis; Drank hormones with a bunch of side; Infinitely scezhivalied milk from constantly fails due to the abrupt completion of breast-feeding breasts, etc. In this regard, I want to share our experience of completing breastfeeding, which passed without tears and pumping.

From four months the daughter was tormented erupting teeth, to which the regression of sleep, attempts of coups and strong aggravation atopic dermatitis have joined. Depending on the fact that since the birth of Vika calmly withstood the intervals between the feeding in 2-3 hours in the afternoon (and at night there were 4-5 hours), here she began to sleep constantly with breasts in her mouth. As soon as the breast was lost, the daughter immediately woke up in her search with screams. The situation was more or less stabilized closer to five months, but the habit of sleeping with the breast in the mouth remained. As a result, neither she nor me was spilled. Moreover, by 5 months Vika has already turned out to be a good turn, and such restless sleep has become simply dangerous.

As a result, it was decided relocate Vika in his own crib with the maximum reduction in the number of night feeding (more details about our move to the crib can be read here). I tried to split the feeding and sleep (this is probably the first thing to do in order to leave the night feeding). In parallel with the training of independent asleep we pushed night feeding. When Vika woke up at night, I tried to put her to sleep without a breast: stroked on the back, on the tummy, talked, sang, held by the hand, if it did not help-took on the handles and as soon as I saw that begins to fall asleep-again in the crib. Sometimes it worked and Vika fell asleep. Sometimes it was easy to push the feeding on a certain amount of time (before hysterics I did not lead-gave breasts, but to fall asleep on my chest still did not give-packing half-asleep in the crib).

Gradually the organism has adapted and is accustomed to eat less often. As a result, in 5.5 months Vika woke up only 2 times per night (6 hours, 3 and 3). By 6 months the daughter had already slept without a break of 9 hours, then there was a morning feeding and another 3 hours of sleep (from 20:00-21:00 to 05:00-06:00 in the morning, then a snack and then we slept to 08:00-09:00, less often till 10:00 am). On lactation this regime has not affected. However, I did not clean the morning feeding, as there was still full breastfeeding, namely the morning feeding stimulate the production of prolactin.

We started to introduce bait in 6.5 months, but to 8 months Vika almost did not recognize him (on the day Sedalos 20-30 grams of porridge and about 50 grams of vegetable puree, all the rest was breast milk). In the afternoon the breasts remained on demand (it was usually intervals of 2-4 hours), and at night all also kept the regime set by us in 6 months. In 8 months Vika began to ask for more food, and by 9.5 months breast milk remained only as a drink between the lure, sometimes after the lure or even during (just as the daughter is now asking to drink).

Daytime feeding grew that more (when Leslie teeth, disturbed runny nose, new skillful or anything else), then less (when did not bother anything, and could quietly learn the world, respectively, on the chest just did not have time). At the age of a year and a month after the release of the next teeth, we started to shorten the feeding again, as I planned to complete breastfeeding by a half years. Due to the fact that breast milk has been replaced mainly in water, I began to offer vike instead of a breast compote or a morse (soda with water in the ratio 1:3) in beaker with a tube. This is usually worked. If it didn't work, I took a hand, hugged, talked to her. If it didn't work, I gave the breasts. Thus, by the age of a year and two months we have left 3 feeding: morning, before Day and before night sleep. All the rest were replaced with compotes-fruit and hug.

Almost in a year and three months Vika began to wake up periodically the morning feeding. After two such prosypanij in a row on the third morning Vika still woke up and called me. I didn't immediately give my breasts. She held her a little on her hands, stroked her back and put her in her crib again. She fell asleep right away. So it took the morning feeding. If Vika woke up for some reason (which happened less often), the packed is already without breasts.

Feeding before a day sleep have replaced cereal or vegetable pyureshki in packages "pouch" (sachets with Kryshechkami). At first gave pouch, then breasts, then put in a crib, desired sweet dreams and left. One day just "forgot" after paucha to give a breast-immediately put in a crib, wished sweet dreams and left. It didn't work for the first time. Repeated in a couple of days and turned out-my daughter fell asleep. So it took one more feeding. In a couple of weeks pouch replaced with other types of snacks. We went for a walk, had a bite, chatted-a dream.

It remained the hardest thing for us: To remove feeding before night sleep as Vika is very active and during the day receives a lot of information, emotions. Accordingly, before bedtime, she needs to calm down, distract. This feeding I did not plan to clean up purposefully. For New year we visited with grandmother. The mass of new impressions, the sea of attention and the other situation, apparently, distracted Vika, and once she fell asleep, without asking her breasts. The next evening she herself and asked the tired voice of "AM-am?", pointing to the chest. I said, "No Ljamochek. Maybe we should try to sleep. " (The thing is that I always fed my daughter only in clothes for feeding: flubs Ljamochku and Fed). Vika did not insist. Settled comfortable and immediately fell asleep. The next 2 days about Vic's breasts did not remember at all. On the third day I had a feeling of unlocking and even a little burning, but the breasts remained soft. I have never had to decant (very afraid of this event, because for me it is something impossible and supernatural). On the fifth day we returned home early in the morning and immediately went to bed. Once in a familiar setting, the daughter again remembered about the breasts and asked, "AM-Am?". I said she hadn't remembered the milk for a long time, and it's gone. Vika just went to bed. And our breastfeeding ended. Before night sleep We just lay nearby, hugged-kissed, sang songs-this relaxing daughter and tunes to sleep is not worse than the breasts.

For myself has made a few conclusions. If there is a desire to complete breastfeeding quietly without tears, stresses, pumping, hormones:

  • Breast for baby-it's food, drink, communication with mom, satisfaction sucking reflex, easy way to calm down, relax and fall asleep. To complete breastfeeding without stress, it is necessary to offer the child a replacement for each item.
  • It is desirable to feed in clothes for feeding, that at dressing in other clothes (for example, a jacket with a high collar, tucked in trousers) the kid could not easily reach to a breast. There was a case when we flew on the plane and after my phrase "Let's sleep", Vika looked appreciatively on my turtleneck, turned away and began to lay down. At the same time, I know a lot of cases when a child just ran up and teased mom a T-shirt for a long time after the completion of breastfeeding (not to mention the period of weaning).
  • It is necessary to divide food and sleep-so will leave most of night feeding (if not all). Most healthy babies over half a year can physically sleep all night, but the inability to fall asleep makes them wake up and call mom to help. Many end up breastfeeding due to constant twitchiness, and information like "My baby went to bed all night once the breastfeeding was completed." And it is enough to divide these two events, and breastfeeding will cease to be a burden. As for the process of leaving the night feeding-it is important to find something that will appeal to a particular child. Someone will be enough that mom just hold the handle and smile, and someone in general the presence of MOM in this period annoying, but Dad lay without problems.
  • It is necessary to follow the satisfaction of sucking reflex, especially if the baby without a nipple. If the sucking reflex is not satisfied-in a course go fingers and various subjects, and the child becomes nervous, aggressive. I gave Compotes/morses from feeder with a tube. Yogurts also drink through a tube, sometimes pouches. At the time of our completion of breastfeeding daughter of this sufficed, but all children are different and sucking reflex they expressed unequally.
  • And the most important thing: it is necessary to learn to communicate with the child and to soothe it other, than breasts, ways. The sooner mom realizes she likes her baby, the better. The daughter fell-cried-I approach, I take on handles, smile, I ask: "Frightened? Oh, look what we have here… " If that's not enough, then it's chest. But if the blow is not strong-worked, the daughter simply was gone and instantly forgot about the accident. It is especially difficult to sleep during teething, nozzles, new skilfuls and other "charms". Usually it was enough to put on the couch, lie down next, hug and put your hand on the belly. Once rankling-again a hand on the belly and sleep further.

The last point is the fact that the drastic completion of breastfeeding often causes stress both for the child and the mother. Sharply there is a mass of free time (that previously was occupied by sucking), and than to take it-it is unknown. If a mother and a child can express their love and feel the intimacy of each other in other ways-in this case the process of breast-sucking becomes not so important and it can be replaced with hugs and kisses.