Go to "adult" food is a very important step, especially when the baby diagnosed with "atopic dermatitis", because this usually means a lack of enzymes and the immaturity of the bowel.

Our pediatrician recommended start solid foods with vegetables (despite the small increase in weight) for this very reason, because vegetables contain enzymes that help digest food. It was assumed that the vegetables will help little body to ripen. The doctor warned: "Will rub-mom need to be psychologically ready. Products due to rashes do not cancel. Only if you are worried about stomach or rash is very strong. "

It was decided to introduce solid foods at 6 months in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. At that moment on the left shhechke wiki adorned the small blachechny item in the healing phase, and on the hands and feet were white dry spots. A month has passed since Vika ceased to bother Jeep and 1.5 months-since mum stopped to observe the senseless hypo-allergen diet. We can say that it was our period of remission (about our experience "treatment" atopic dermatitis wrote here).

Start with "cupping" decided to squash "Spelenok". First day-1 TSP, second-2 tsp On the morning of the third day there were some new pimples on the face, but the introduction of complementary foods continued-4 TSP After about an hour he ached Wiki have the stomach (later added loose stools), and all of it was covered with's blemishes. At 2 weeks solid foods decided to cancel (pimples have gone for 3 days, but needed time to restore bowel).

The second attempt began with "canned" cauliflower (the choice fell on "hanaper" Has, since it a minimum of ingredients). This time the approach was somewhat different. Started with 1/4 TSP, second day-1/2, 3rd-1 tsp Chair has become liquid, there are some bumps, so further increase happened very slowly. For 10 days we brought up to 50 Gr. More daughter have not wanted to-I did not insist. The rash went on the seventh day of the introduction of cabbage, but it continued weakening.

To normalize stool began to give a mixture of goat's milk "Nanny 2" with Prebiotics 20-30 ml per day (ate). The first three days were observed white lumps in the stool and some new pimples on the forehead, and then it became better, but the Chair was still runny.

In 7 months, the mixture became substitute buckwheat bibikashej (she's a mixture of nanny) is we had breakfast. The lunch proceeded cauliflower. Buckwheat porridge introduced this week, starting with 1/2 tsp and to 20-30 ml (most liquid clover for instructions). Sypalo on it only a couple of days, but finally have straightened the Chair.

Then we are back to vegetables (they are injected at lunch). At first gave the new vegetable, then the familiar dokarmlivala-how much to eat. Introduced Broccoli ("hanaper" Babushkno) and potatoes ("Hipp"). For each vegetable took one week. The broccoli was a few days a rash (no change of stool), the potatoes had no reaction. Given that familiar vegetable gave "how to eat" portion of vegetables increased gradually.

In 7.5 months on the morning we only had buckwheat porridge for lunch alternated:,. cabbage + broccoli; kW. cabbage + potatoes; Broccoli + fries. Porridge Vika disliked, and therefore remained at best 30 ml, with vegetables, the situation was better-100-180 Gr. (watery "canned" vegetables).

And here amid the teeth my baby caught some sort of infection. Three days with temperature and white clumps in the stool. Accordingly, all solid foods for these three days have been removed-only breast milk and jump. Dermatitis is, of course, exacerbated by declining immunity and heavy traffic. After the normalization of the temperature and chairs lure returned for a couple of days. However, the approach to it have changed. In order to reduce the load on the gastrointestinal tract, it was decided to observe spacing: 3:00 to lure Vico "nagulivaet" appetite, 3:00 after feeding-digesting solid foods. Via 3:00 after lunch return to feeding on demand.

Introduction of new products continued after turned white leather. Zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, it was decided to leave it until better times. Started typing. Because there is a tendency to liquid Chair-typed figure. More 20-30 ml Vika has categorically refused, and because Apple introduced "grandmother's basket" (added it to buckwheat) and prunes of the same brand (it added to rice). It's all introduced fast enough (day 3-4 on the product), because the number was small (even with the fruits of my button is not demonstrated particular wish there are paps, and lots of fruits, in principle, not worth it, since they contain acids, irritating the intestine).

"Banking" I replaced on vegetables. Because in the course of thermal processing enzymes and vitamins, vegetables die I don't vymachivala and brewed for long. Prepared steamed, izmelchila blender and gave half of the Vic (second half of the blame in a glass jar from under the mashed potatoes and cleaned up in the refrigerator until lunch the next day). Bearing in mind that the texture of the vegetables have their own cooking more dense, sedaemyj volume produces less than half the "cupping" puree.

Pimples appear periodically in small quantities and again took place.

And in 8 ("coppers") months miracle happened! Vika began asking itself supplements! Literally a week we increased the servings of porridge to 120 ml (with or without fruit-values did not have), and then to 180 ml thick porridge. Introduced corn and oatmeal, pears bibikashi "Grandmother" hanaper "Hipp" and plum. Fruit puree injected in the amount of 30 g. (if more-just go in neperevarennom form), Kashi-180 ml.

Then again tried to enter a pub (this time "Hipp"). Stool was liquid, but not stomach bothered. Four days gave "canned" mashed, then switched to the freshly cooked. And here's the homemade puree everything was quiet (I suppose because I picked off the Peel, and none proizvoditel"banok" does not do this). According to the same scheme entered a pumpkin (also "Hipp")-"banochnuju" there was no reaction to the home a little podsypalo the first time. As an afternoon snack, began giving goat cottage cheese "Bibikol" with the familiar fruits or vegetables.

Closer to 9 months have started introduction of meat. The choice fell on the "Frutonjanju", because they have the widest range of tastes exactly in terms of meat. Entered Turkey and rabbit on 50 ml. And here again, Vika posypalo-increased liver. Two days removed meat-was much better. The meat is then gradually returned, but for 40 ml.

At 9.5 months, began the introduction of kislomolochki, namely acidofilnogo milk. Two litres of milk "Frutonyanya" or "Agusha" zakvashivala in multivarke "Acidolakt" from leaven "Vivo". Introduced very gradually: reached 180 ml. for 2 weeks. And here again occurred on leap in the development of the gastrointestinal tract. Vika began to demand more food (had to introduce non-milk gruel for dinner "Fleur alpine" is Kashi organic cereal without additives and gluten) and finally the skin became gladenkoj! Dry spots with handles and legs disappeared.

With 10 months Vika began to eat fresh fruits (after introducing them to the "banochnom" form), and gradually move for a common table. The liver is normal, your skin is clean.

Unfortunately, we have not gone lure as smoothly as we would like, but overall, it worked out. Our experience can highlight the following

principles of introduction of complementary foods a child with atopic dermatitis:

1. During pregnancy and breastfeeding must introduce the kid with a variety of products, including allergens, because those products are introduced much easier, that were in the mother's diet;

2. Do not start the introduction of complementary feeding during times of increased, and in the presence of the factors contributing to the exacerbation of (more of such factors can be found here);

3. Must be very careful to enter each new kind of food (vegetables, cereals, fruit, meat, kislomolochku). New products containing protein, similar to protein is already entered, you can enter a product a little faster if no reaction in the first day or two (here all individually);

4. The new product is to cancel only if there has been a reaction from the abdomen (bubbling/distention/flatulence/diarrhea/constipation (what to do in case of constipation, you can read here)) or severe exacerbation. The reaction must be assessed individually: sometimes it is enough simply to suspend the increase in portion size and give a few days one quantity to the body could adapt (we have so it was with many products: in the first day or two gases, liquid stool, and then everything is fine); Sometimes you need a bit to reduce the already entered a portion to the reaction has stopped. After the disappearance of negative symptoms increase portions slowly continues;

5. You cannot forcibly to force a child to eat. Appetite is directly proportional to the number of produced by the body enzymes necessary for digestion of food. What kid eats without appetite, will roam, overloading the digestive tract, to let the blood of toxins cause exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, and as a result will come out in the form of neperevarennom and of no use.

6. You must be patient and understand that a small rash is not as scary as a kid before three years taking 5-6 products for which there is no rash.


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