Many moms already in the hospital time to feel the great power of breastfeeding and, in particular, its calming effect for a newborn. Sometimes the most clamorous karapuz sleeps at mother's breast for a few minutes, and many moms actively use it.

But soon there comes a period of gazikov and colic. Because frequent started breastfeeding strengthens leg, many mums (myself among them) are starting to look for other ways to soothe and putting a few crumbs.

We have adapted with Vika to fall asleep so: after feeding I sat down on the bed, leaning back on the pillow, and took the daughter at the hands of "cylinder". Slightly shaking the baby, I gradually slipped on a pillow down. As a result, it is falling asleep under the heart beat lying puzikom on the mother's abdomen. After a while she could slide to the side and sleep just beside me. This was the first step in sharing meals and sleep. Especially pleased that the baby can fall asleep on his chest also Pope, which gave me the opportunity to give a little time to yourself (learn more about our ways of dealing with painful gazikami can be read here).

When pass Jeep-colic comes from teeth. And here again the child looking for an easy way to sleep with the light constantly cheshushhihsja gums, this usually takes mom's breasts.

Wiki have a period of endless "hovering" on his chest began closer to 4.5 months. She slept the whole night exclusively with breast in his mouth. Once the chest was lost-started panicking. All would be nothing, but from regular night feedings wiki escalated atopic dermatitis. Besides, in the dream, she could not control myself and I bit my periodically. In 5 months my baby finally became the owner of two zubikov, and I decided to resettle in the crib (for more details about our "moving" wrote here).

And now, with five months we have developed a new way to sleep. I'm lying nursed Victoria (with a long "viseniem" on the chest), then picked up his chest, shirked in cot polusonnuju, stroking several times in the back, she fell asleep-I went. After a while, she could wake up-povorochatsja, look for me, but then falling asleep herself.

Kids grow up and eventually they become not very comfortable to sleep with a full stomach. That's my Vic about 7.5 months became much less time to spend on his chest before the night's sleep. After a bath I nursed her, then she stopped and turned on her stomach breasts, demanding to make her a massage. I shirked her in the crib and there stroking her. And so, that she just wanted to be one at bedtime: then I shirked, wanted sweet dreams and went away. In 9 months Vika "moved" into a separate room and became completely independent.

However, during periods of development surges and painful teething tactics had to be temporarily changed. For example, at 9.5 months Vika learned good getting up and doing it consistently. Of course, the new umelka caused an extraordinary excitement a small organism that could not fall asleep. If I just put her in bed-she jumped immediately and demanded to take her out on the handle.

The baby fell asleep in this situation-the first thing to help him relax. The most effective way for us turned out to be this: I went back and put Vika top belly to belly. Her feet was shutting down your legs, back and head pressed to his chest with his hands, stroking and rocked her. A few minutes (no more 3-5) she could shout-release all the overexcited. And that's when she fell asleep-and nor I gradually stopped pumping. Not immediately, but not leading to a phase of deep sleep, I shirked the baby in the crib, where even a little Pat on the back, and went away. It fits comfortably and quietly fall asleep. This method allows to lay fairly quickly, but I use it only in the most complex cases where all other methods were tried, and Vick has already clearly pereguljala and further insomnia aggravate the situation.

Babies have weak vestibular system, so when you swing fast feeling dizzy, and the kid is disabled. For this reason, the method based on motion sickness seems to me to be most beneficial for the child.  In addition, to fall asleep with motion sickness kids very quickly and wean them is quite problematic.

Usually I use the Lite version: feed lying down embracing and obezdvizhiv feet legs baby. When she lets go chest-to-begin perturbations (again, no more 3-5 minutes), then she gets tired and begins gradually to fall asleep.

The essence is the same: relax and poluspjashhuju already put to bed that had no desire to sit/kneel/stand up/demonstrate their other umelki.

As far as sleeping on a walk-in 8 months, Vick finally refused by him. Prior to this, always showered so: while awake-go. As soon as I see that starts to fall asleep-find a comfortable bench and there the parking lot. The fact of the matter is that when driving in cannot transition phase of deep sleep. The child is constantly is like half asleep, respectively, the body cannot relax and relax. It's like sleeping on a train: you can sleep two nights in a row and still not get enough sleep. For the same reason, I am opposed to sleep with a breast in my mouth. For lactation is good for sleep-not really. Even when Vic falling asleep with the breast-after falling asleep chest was mandatory, that baby slept solid sleep.

In addition, for a good night's sleep is very important to find the optimum time of waking. And in horse racing development it can vary. For example, at 9.5 months (when Vick began getting up) we really helped the interim move one day dream-it kept us both a lot of nerve cells. Once the excitement of the new umelki gone-baby again unable to sleep well in the afternoon.

During the time that we are familiar with Vika, I learned the following: recommendations on sleep and the different approaches to training independent fall asleep-it's all very generalized. Every child is unique and that helps to fall asleep alone, may be useless for putting another. However, one should always strive to fall asleep, seek other ways than the chest or motion sickness-something that will suit a particular child. Even common dreams will be much nicer if karapuz will sniff close, hugging her mother, rather than requiring every 30 minutes.


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