When to introduce solid foods meat? Where to start?

Meat (under the "meat" for the purposes of this article we'll understand also the bird) is heavy enough product, but because healthy chubby little boy is entered it is usually not previously 8-9 months when dozreet to the desired level of the digestive tract, as well as develop some chewing skills. Earlier introduction of meat is recommended only when there is a shortage of iron and/or vitamins.

For the first meat foods fit lean hypoallergenic varieties: rabbit, Turkey. You can then enter the horse meat, lamb, veal, lean pork. Finally, it is recommended that you leave the beef and chicken because they most often manifested by the negative reaction.

How to choose meat

When choosing meat for foods you should pay attention to color: it should be uniform and smooth. Good fresh meat may not be green, black, and also not bounces petrol stains. Fresh beef and pork should be pink, red beef, lamb is a little darker than beef. Veins should be white and not yellow because yellow fat is a sign of an old animal. If you touch a piece of cloth, it should not dye. Smell of fresh quality products should be enjoyable. It is better to take fresh chilled meat with minimal fat, as for cooking foods it will still have to remove.

When choosing a Turkey or chicken breast was preferable because it contains less fat and better assimilated, it contains less harmful substances. If we are talking about beef or pork-tenderloin worth paying attention to, because it contains less fat. For cooking meat purees of rabbit it is better to use the rear part of the carcase, because there's more meat is soft and tender.

How to cook meat for feeding babies

For the first meal will require quite a small piece. Once the meat is washed, removed the bones, fat and veins, you should cook by steaming or boil in water.

If you decide to cook meat in water, then "first" broth should be drained after 15-20 minutes of cooking, the meat is washed again and cook until done (from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours-depending on the type of meat and the size of the slices).

Once the meat is boiled, it must grind in Blender until homogeneous consistence with the addition of a vegetable broth or mashed potatoes. Used vegetable broth because when cooking vegetables in it goes of the vitamins. Meat broth in the same feeding kids is not used due to the fact that it contains harmful substances, vyvarennye meat. Stored meat-vegetable puree in the refrigerator no more than 12:00 am. If necessary, you can also freeze like conventional vegetable purees.

8-10 months of age with the aim to develop skills you can offer a child chewing meatballs, tomatoes crushed by fork or tolkushkoj. For cooking meatballs meat through a meat grinder to skip 2-3 times, and then from the resulting mince (to which you can add a little water to make the finished dish is tender) blind large-sized balls cherries. They also are prepared steamed or boiled in water, but over time much faster than a single piece of meat.

Such balls are comfortable doing Pro Stock: divide them into portions, wrap cling film and place in the freezer by putting markings (store you can 1-2 months). Thaw before cooking the meatballs are absolutely not required, however, the processing time for frozen product a few.

Depending on the number of teeth and the degree of development of chewing skills 10 months meatballs can be given, but after a year to offer steam cutlets.

How often to give meat babies?

To 8-9 months is not worth giving meat sauce more often than 1-2 times a week no more than 20 g, because it's still a hard product to immature BLOOD, it gives load on the kidneys. In 8-10 months (depending on the readiness of the organism) meat consumption increased to daily (before the introduction of fish) up to 50 g.

When and how to introduce fish babies?

The introduction of fish is recommended not previously 10-12 1-2 months and no more than once a week (as a replacement for meat), as it applies to vysokoallergennym products.

For a first acquaintance with fish suitable low-fat varieties-cod, hake, Alaska pollock. Preparing fish fillets steamed or brewed in a small amount of boiled water on low heat for 15-20 minutes. If necessary, you can grind in a blender or mince.


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