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There is no doubt that the paps are a crucial source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, proteins of vegetable origin, as well as various carbohydrates.  They make diversity in diet, increases its energy value and help to maintain a high growth rate and development of the infant, that makes them irreplaceable product feeding. Many experts are inclined to think that the cereals should appear in the diet of the first baby after breast milk (or substitutes). Others assign kasham second place after vegetables.

In any case, cereal ration lure heart usually appears before he learns to chew. Accordingly, if the mother decided to cook porridge herself, she should be worried about how to achieve handy consistence. In addition, to start feeding you should choose hypoallergenic Kasi that would better be immature digestive tract.

For the first feeding chicory is ideal for rice, buckwheat or corn grits. It is believed that rice holds, buckwheat-weak, corn is neutral. When selecting the first clover should bear in mind that your baby is easier to digest those foods that he already tried via the placenta and breast milk (usually the choice falls on the buckwheat or rice because corn porridge is found on the table of the adult population quite rare).

Before cooking grits you should iterate and rinse with boiling water. Next you need to grind wheat in a coffee grinder until flour.

If the grinder is missing, you can grind (e.g. blender) already ready porridge, boiled in water in the usual way, until consistency of usable child age. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, the vitamins and minerals are lost faster.

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If the mother does not want to tinker with the chopping-in almost every major store there are buckwheat, rice, and corn meal is the same Krupa (Photo 1), which is izmelchili for you. In addition, the boxes/bags with barley, as a rule, there is an inscription stating that the product may contain traces of gluten, because then such cereals are often in the same room with gljutenosoderzhashhimi. At the same time, the main consumers of gluten-free flours are people with gluten intolerance, but because the probability of its content in flour is much lower.

For the first meal is worth cooking liquid porridge: one teaspoon flour mill in 100 ml of water. With flour, omit in boiling water (add water during cooking is not recommended). Cooks porridge for about three minutes, then you must leave the swell for another couple or three minutes under the cover. In clover for the first complementary foods do not add milk, sugar, salt, butter, etc. If you prefer, you can dilute the resulting substance breast milk or formula.

If mom has decided to add the mixture, then cereal should also Cook in water, cool and add to finished half the mixture into the Goo warm proportions (for example, if 100 ml water 3 spoons of a mix, then 100 ml water porridge — 1.5 spoons).

It is important to remember that the smaller the groats and than thinner porridge, the easier it is for her to rework an immature digestive tract. When the baby gets used to a liquid consistence, quantity of flour can be gradually increased. After the introduction of ration heart Kas, you can enter and butter, which is added to the finished cereal in a small amount.

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Inclusion in the diet of the child prior to the year of whole cow's milk is currently undergoing a large question, however, if babies bad weight gain or lack of calcium, with eight months can try to cook porridge with milk intended for children of this age. Better if this milk will be normalized hassadim and not ultrapasterizovannym-it's easier to digest immature body.

Can also be used for preparation of Kas corresponding Munk (Photo 2) for consistency it as semolina porridge, prepares enough simple and 100% does not contain gluten, which is important for a first meal.

And here's the very pillar framework porridge (exact, which fed generations of kids) better enter at a later date. Firstly, this wheat-it contains gluten and gluten-enough strong allergen. Secondly, it is rich in gluten, protein (gliadin) sometimes provokes the emergence of pretty serious bowel diseases. Thirdly, Manca is rich in starch, and the children's body just unnecessary as many carbohydrates, respectively, the DIGESTIVE TRACT very often cannot cope with their digestion. Fourthly, Manca contains many fitina (organic salt). Phytin inhibits the absorption of calcium, vitamin D and iron, which are necessary for the growth and development of the child.

After the introduction into the diet of gluten-free cereals to better introduce the kid with oatmeal cereal. By number of nutrients among cereal products it takes a leading position, however it is gluten-free, so it should be very carefully to children with predisposition to allergic reactions or GASTROINTESTINAL problems .

When baby chewing skills mastered, you can replace the flour and semolina on relevant flakes (Photo 3). Selection of cereals now is great, however, you should always pay attention to details. Since the flakes often are arranged in the same room with quick-cooking cereals, they can contain traces of honey, peanuts, nuts, etc. Typically, these flakes cheaper "clean", but if the child is in the diet products, traces of which may appear in the purchased box, better not risk it.

There are also gluten-free pasta (Photo 4), composed of only certain gluten-free cereals and corn starch. Good zhujushhego kid can sometimes spoil such a delicacy. Bearing in mind that the dish may eat tiny tot hands alone, it causes a storm of delight.

Regarding supplements, after the introduction of fruit and vegetables, they can be safely combined with cereals. And here's the sugar, salt and other seasonings in the paps do not add until at least a year. By the way, is only an innate love for sweets. Salt receptors have a baby are missing, respectively, love to salt is acquired. If not accustom to salt, it will not be a priority. 


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