Bathe or not bathing a baby with atopic dermatitis (eczema, allergic dermatitis, baby eczema, neirodermit), an issue on which domestic doctors give radically opposite answers. And the thing is that some time ago really use bathing has been questioned due to the fact that after their races in our “environmentally friendly” water many kids had been exacerbated by the skin condition. However, it has long been proven that without the water babies (and especially babies diagnosed with “atopic dermatitis”) cannot be, and daily bathing is necessary. Yet, here as with diet, the easier all deny than to explain how to properly, so there are still professionals who either do not want to go into the substance of the question or didn’t want mom all spread out on the shelves.

So, now the accepted position is that bathing the child with atopic dermatitis is not only possible but necessary in connection with the following:

  • Bathing moisturizes the skin. It is believed that one of the main causes of atopic dermatitis is dry skin, which lacks lipids and protein filaggrina. Not always allergic or dysbiosis cause of atopy, but dry, not protected from external influences, leather will be constantly annoyed even from mechanical friction by crawl, sweat, from sljunej, etc. That is why it is important to monitor the condition of the skin and moisturize as dryness. And what’s the best way to rehydrate the skin? Of course, water.
  • Bathing cleans the skin. Bacteria, viruses, and other exogenous substances generally enter the body through the intercellular intervals of the stratum corneum. These intervals, ensuring integrity of lipids and cover their skin. However, as already stated above, children prone to atopy, skin lipid formulation process does not work correctly. Consequently, one of the measures aimed at the prevention of deterioration, is monitoring the cleanliness of the skin and cleanse them periodically (not up to fanaticism, in order not to destroy useful flora, but water wash to bedtime does not hurt).
  • Bathing relaxes. Usually, stress, emotional stress, depression is an extremely negative impact on the course of the disease. And reasons for excitement in infants: teeth, new umelki, itchy spots, etc. For the most part, from the bathing toddlers receive incomparable pleasure, but because this is another argument in favour of water treatments.
  • Swimming is good for health. If you approach bathing responsibly is not only fun, but also a little tempering of the organism (and atopikov immunity is often reduced).

Thus, bathing is more good than bad. Yes, there are stories where stopped bathing and manifestations of atopic dermatitis has significantly decreased (or even disappeared altogether). However, it is worth to understand: how exactly bathed baby? As indicated above, water in our taps leaves much to be desired. However, this is not a reason to forgo bathing-you just need to learn how to bathe properly to extract maximum benefits from the process.

Bathing rules for patients with atopic dermatitis:
  • Bathing should be in the bathroom, and not in the shower. The skin of babies very gentle, so strong Jet can damage (especially with regard to the period of exacerbation).
  • You should use special tools and techniques to mitigate and dechlorination of water (will elaborate on this in a separate article, because it is worth to draw attention to this issue). It is the presence of chlorine in the water often becomes the reason of refusal from bathing, because it tends to dry skin, which can be one of the causes of acute illness.
  • Water for bathing should not be hot. As you know, warm bacteria develop much more, as well as intensifies the itchiness, and start swimming with temperature not higher than 35°-36° in addition, if we are going to be heart, then it is recommended to reduce the starting temperature one degree a week to 26° -28° c. Here, of course, all individually: while the kid is actively doing marathons with a circle around the neck is one thing, but when just sitting there watching as utochkami-a completely different story. We finally stopped at 32°-33° degrees to sitting pupsa.
  • The use of bast WISP is unacceptable because they could damage the delicate skin and increase irritation.
  • Detergents should be used only as needed (usually not more than 1-2 times a week). And it must be special funds with a neutral pH (roughly speaking, acidity) 5.5, age-appropriate and designed for atopikov, rather than just moisturizing.

Why pH 5.5: it is believed that this is the normal acidity of the skin of the average person (specifically, normal skin pH is in the range of 5.0-6.0, but marketers have decided to take an average value for convenience). In turn, the use of products with high pH (by the way, normal natural lump SOAP usually has a pH of about 9-11) promotes the leaching of components that support the skin barrier (in particular, the hydro-foil). Leather, of course, restore their losses, but this will take time. However, if oily skin to restore requires about 3:00, then dry skin atopichnoj need much longer (up to 2:00 pm). Thinning of the protective layer can lead to colonization of the skin harmful micro-organisms and, as a result, to the exacerbation of atopic dermatitis.

However, a neutral pH is still not all. You should be aware that some components included in detergents can overdry your skin (in particular, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-type Surfactants (SLS), Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate and others). Also dried skin herbs, bathing in that previously mistakenly thought of as first aid when Diathesis. Mom inclined to rash heart should examine very carefully the composition of each applicable tools and, if possible, use cosmetics without these ingredients

When selecting funds should also be borne in mind that the period of remission and exacerbations they differ. In addition, even the most hypoallergenic may cause a backlash at the kid, prone to atopy-only trial.

  • Bathing procedure should last no longer than 10-20 minutes. It is believed that this time is enough to saturate the skin moisture.
  • After bathing the skin should be gently removed with a cotton pelenka, not wiping it dry (we just wrapped in diaper and attribute on a changing table for further procedures). Terry towel and intense friction, again, can damage the skin.
  • Within 3 minutes after the procedure apply to wet skin extracted to retain skin moisture received.

Subject to these rules of swimming, usually brings only positive emotions chubby little boy and his delicate skin.

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