Planning a pregnancy and preparing for childbirth, I, like most moms, I read many books about infants, watched the video, looking for information on care and development. Of course, I focused on the recommendations for treatment of various viral and bacterial infections, however, information about Atopic Dermatitis (hereinafter-ATD) have absolutely no interest in, since neither on my line, or no allergic husband (at that moment for me was equated to Adt allergies).

Pregnancy proceeded calmly. And here, 08.09.2016 was born my button-Victoria. I will definitely read that immediate breastfeeding and breastfeeding is very important, but absolutely not intended-why? Due to the fact that I've been doing episiotomies, attach the baby to the breast I could only House through 4.5 hours after birth. Colostrum was only a few drops (who kindly vydavila nurse to verify its existence), and attach the breast correctly I then not really happened. Nurse long with us mess did not become, said keeping themselves, and that the child is not hungry-gave her the mixture.

Photo 1 left cheek

On the first day of the face and the back of a daughter of red spots appeared, as well as pimples with white heads and Red Base (Photo 1). Doctors at the hospital said that this toxic Erythema-adaptation of organism to vneutrobnym living conditions. Nothing else to do, take via 2-3 week itself.

The first 6 days of dokarmlivala mixture. Then I still did not know what "good" service have their baby in good faith. Red spots on your back gone but pimples on the face were all in one place-appeared in another. Two weeks passed, three, four …

At the age of four weeks, began the first leap in growth. Daughter became more to eat and then began … Cheeks became abundantly covered with acne, they are no longer held, and every day they became more and more: on the forehead, cheeks, neck, Chin, ears … Hair of the head and eyebrows were covered with yellow crusts. Here came the nurse and advised to wipe spots succession. After two such protiranij pimples merged into huge red spots (Photo 2).

Photo 2 the left cheek

The planned admission per month neonatologist clarified what I eat (and I'm with the birth of her daughter sat on a hypoallergenic diet "just in case"), said that it "looks like an allergy". Appointed suprastin, UFO and primadofilus and exclude from my nutrition children's biolakt (more exclude inning) and pass feces for dysbacteriosis, coprogram. Yet her play that Vick received only 400 Gr. the weight at birth. Incline me to start supplementing.

The word "seem" confused me. Anything not become (a mixture including), UFO did (though in vain, after it got worse). CAL surrendered and went to another doctor.

The second doctor also said that almost all infants are allergic to cow's milk protein and recommended the deletion of fully milk, bathe with emulsion Jemolium 2 r/d and after bathing daub skin cream Jemolium. How to pass the stains and spots (and daughter at that time spots were already on hand, chest, back)-start expanding diet. Milk recommended to enter after 3 months. Weight recruitment said that so far, doesn't see anything critical-all gone in height (+4 cm per month).

Photo 3 left cheek

Once two doctors said that similar to allergies necessarily, I decided to calculate the allergen. Its already hypo-allergen diet I narrowed even more. Ate: rice porridge, corn grechu; vegetables: Zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower; fruit: Green apples without skin; meat: Turkey. All cooked/stewed. With this list too, since periodic review I always imagined that the one, then another, my baby tummy ache.

Week on this diet, bathing with Jemolium emulsion, the use of a special cream Jemolium, and her daughter's skin. There were some little white pimples on the cheeks (Photo 3) and on the forehead (Photo 4). Jeep is still bad, the stool was liquid, but not so frequent and not green.

Photo 4 Brow

Start gradually expand diet (one product once every 2 days) with conducting a food diary. Week it was clean, then again began appearing pimples (Photo 5). To determine could not. Introduced at that time, pears, bananas, made of ground barley porridge, drying.


Came in 2 months for regular inspection of the neonatologu. Analizy vysejalas Klebsiella 10 in 8. Neonatologist said exclude wheat, had treatment from enzymes and how to enter supplementary feeding mixture (because set in 600 Gr. It did not accept). Recommended mixture of goat's milk.

The more we went-it entered into a contract of voluntary medical insurance with a paid clinic. A doctor appointed to us Jemolium at the time resigned, another enshrined behind us pediatrician-allergist.

Visited Victoria for the third doctor (it was in 2.5 months). Sent again to hand over coprogram and goiter (coprogram with handwritten scrawls in 3 lines it is not arranged, and in the first analysis of dysbacteriosis there was no evidence of beneficial flora), and also make a general analysis of blood and urine. From this point in the map my buttons appeared diagnosis "atopic dermatitis".

Photo 5 Cheeks

About diet (and at that time I ate 8 products) stated that the mother should have everything else solid foods we won't go, because with milk baby gets small doses, which are necessary for the training of the body. Moreover, despite my diet on the cheeks of his handsome several sore spots (as explained doctor: pour at all, just on heavy products stronger, Hypo-allergenic-less). To pull toxins from the body and remove these spots, was appointed as a sorbent. About supplementation-wait for the results of analyses.

With difficulty, but we write this 9 days sorbent. The stains have not disappeared, but constipation we were close. Is everything I don't dare. She tried to bake bread-view the rash worsened (apparently the yeast), tried the rabbit from the Frutonjani bread spread the rash again.

Came for 3 months. On the analysis of small intestinal inflammation, lack of enzymes and bile, a lack of Lactobacillus, decreased hemoglobin, eosinophils-8 (Klebsiella, incidentally, was absent, but vysejalis yeast).

Appointed us jelchegonnoe, lactobacillus, iron. On the issue of weight gain (+ 600 GR) was told that if you do not doberem after treatment, then we will think about the mix. And be sure your mom eat kislomolochku.

Beginning to iron and lactobacteria. Gradually became entered in their skimpy rations of curd. After a couple of weeks (3.5 months) daughter strongly obsypalo. This time not only cheeks, but also arms, legs, the upper half of the back. First and foremost, of course, excluded the curd-did not help. Daughters have begun constipation-obsypalo even more. Removes iron and Lactobacillus-Chair for a couple of days have straightened the rashes became go. Later tried to return the bacteria-constipation.

The planned admission to the 4 months Vika was again with obsypannymi cheeks, to which were added the dry patches on the elbows, wrists, hips and knees. Appointed us enzymes supplement with Prebiotics and mixture component lactulose on the skin-cream skin-Cap.


From the mixture of Vetch refused categorically, from enzymes via 2 day appeared strings of blood in the stool, from lactoulozy began diarrhea. Inscribed to another doctor because to treat us virtually nothing has come, and with a set of weight and dieting mom nothing is clear. Skin-cap for 4 days has removed all the redness and dryness. For the first time in 4 months I saw clean flange (Photo 6). However, the doctor (already fourth!) we all went.

Photo 6 Cheeks

She fully agreed with my diet and told to comply with her up to a year (!), Wicke in solid foods is also not enter anything except the food that I eat. She generally with all my words agreed-it's me somewhat confused. about the weight of said more often apply, as well as a whole is not so bad.

Start applying more frequently (or simply not filmed daughter with breast). As a result this week such sucking: every 2-3 hours crowded from popisov diapers; Mountain white lumps instead of chairs; enlarged liver; a new aggravation of Adt; weight got up.

At the same time (4.5 months) got the first tooth. Against the background of this event obsypalo the entire body, except for the zone under the diaper (Photo 7). Then I decided that doctors little hope on this issue and beginning to understand itself.

Photo 7 Cheeks

The beginning has everything little by little; feed her daughter once a day 2:00, once a 3-night; week gave calcium; defended the water for bathing.

And here's to 5 months the redness subsided. On the left cheek had remained a small pink stain on the body-White dry patches, but compared to what it was in 4.5 months (when I sat on a hypoallergenic diet!) is heaven and Earth. And, most importantly, finally passed the Jeep!

Up to six months, the situation has not changed. At exactly 6 months tried to enter the pub-zaburlil belly, again Gaza and rash. Laid solid foods for a couple of weeks. Podsypalo on every new product on 3-7 days, but on the advice of our doctor products are not revoked, because the reaction on the part of the abdomen was not.

Up to 8 months of solid foods was going very slowly. Vika g 30-40 total ate porridge with goat's milk and 40-50 g of vegetables. At 8 she began asking more sharply and this week we reached full servings. Rub her ceased, but existing dry spots on the hands, feet, back and cheek vospaljalis periodically, and therefore could not get off (Photo 8).

Photo 8 Cheeks

Then I finally decided to close grip the skin. Our pediatrician is generally not paid her any attention, because it believed that the main problem in the intestines. But that's with the intestines like situation is more or less resolved, and dryness is gone.

At that time, I adhered to the position that the skin needs to "breathe" and extracted cause only after a bath. Decided to begin treatment of the skin with the apartment keeping proper humidity (40-60%) and the more frequent use of jemolenta.

Literally a week most of the dry spots gone. Remained the most "jammed" (all the same spot on the left shhechke, left wrist, knees and feet). On a routine inspection in 9 months in Vikinoj map entry appears in "subremissija; blachechny element on the left cheek in the healing phase, dry places on the body ". Finally we were given the go-ahead for vaccination.

After vaccinations a little podsypalo, but in 9.5 months imposed acidofilnoe milk, and the rash went away (Photo 9).

Photo 9 left cheek

On examination in 10 months for the first time in Vikinoj map entry appears in the "clean skin".

Sometimes cheek blush for fresh fruit or eaten by a mother fish, as well as the teeth, but after a couple of days all coming off when normal care. Age eats everything.

Of this whole story, I made the following conclusions:

1. ADT is primarily a disease of the skin, and therefore choose the right skin care is Paul;

2. Mom's diet need only when really holds the connection with a specific product, and this reaction is manifested not only in a rash that goes with proper skin care. Undue diet can bring much more damage than red cheeks;

3. Unconditionally trust doctors is not worth it, because they too can be wrong, and in this case the error is the health of my child. Any appointment now pereproverjaju (learning the medical literature and in consultation with a couple-three other doctors), read the instructions and ask questions.

I know what feel constant hunger diet from a senseless, but at the same time daily to see flaming cheeks of the child. Know this feeling of helplessness when mom is powerless before the nature, before little difficulty adjusting body. It is this sense of inspired me to share our experiences. Perhaps after reading this article, young mother realizes that the reason red cheeks-it's not always allergic, as often claimed post-Soviet doctors unwilling (or unable) to develop and explore the latest research.


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