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How to teach a baby to fall asleep in a crib and get away from night feedings: mom’s experience

When a second baby appears, mothers, as a rule, feel more confident, because they already have the knowledge and experience of communicating with the first child. However, the second child often presents many surprises, since he categorically begins to reject what worked with the first child and demand an individual approach to himself. So it was in …

Our experience sleep Uncategorized (en)

 About our “moving” to the crib and avoiding night feedings or how to wean a baby from falling asleep on the chest

     In Soviet times, sleeping separately was a generally accepted norm, but now everything is different. The transition from feeding on a regimen and predominantly artificial feeding to natural feeding on demand has led to the fact that more and more mothers practice joint sleep with their baby because of its convenience. However, sooner or later, the …

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