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How to cook fermented milk products for complementary foods at home

It’s no secret that milk and dairy products are the most important food sources of calcium, vitamin B2, protein and easily digestible fat. However, it is quite difficult for infants with their immature gastrointestinal tract (hereinafter referred to as the gastrointestinal tract) to assimilate heavy milk protein, and therefore, the use of whole cow’s milk in …

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How to cook vegetables and fruits for feeding babies. Part 2 (features)

Vegetables In the first months of the beginning of complementary feeding, it is worth preparing vegetables that are easier to digest, not red in color, which do not contain coarse fiber: zucchini, cauliflower are suitable for the first feeding; further – broccoli, pumpkin, carrots, potatoes; after 8 months – green beans, green peas, corn. Corn and green beans …

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How to cook porridge for feeding babies at home

There is no doubt that cereals are the most important source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, vegetable proteins, and various carbohydrates.  They add variety to the diet,  increase its energy value and help maintain high growth and development of the infant, making them an indispensable complementary food product. Moreover, many experts are inclined to believe that cereal products …

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First food: cook or buy?

Every mother wants to give her baby the best, and therefore the issue of choosing between industrial and home-made complementary foods is very relevant, because correctly selected complementary foods help to improve health, improve nutritional status and physical development of the child during the period of accelerated growth and maturation. As we have found out …

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 How to introduce complementary foods for atopic dermatitis: mom’s experience

The transition to “adult” food is a very important step, especially when the baby is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, because his skin can react to everything new, unusual for the body. Our pediatrician recommended starting with vegetables (despite small weight gain), since vegetables contain plant enzymes that help to digest food. The vegetables were supposed to …

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