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How to introduce solid foods when they atopicescom acne: mom's experience

Go to "adult" food is a very important step, especially when the baby diagnosed with "atopic dermatitis", because this usually means a lack of enzymes and the immaturity of the bowel. Our pediatrician recommended start solid foods with vegetables (despite the small increase in weight) for this very reason, because vegetables contain enzymes that help …

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About our "transfer" in the crib and avoiding late-night feedings or how to wean babies fall asleep on your chest

During Soviet times, split sleep was accepted norm, but now everything is different. The shift from feeding on the regime and mainly artificial feeding natural feeding on demand has meant that more and more moms are practising joint sleep with infants because of its convenience. I also went on the road, since co-sleep give chest …

Atopic Dermatitis Our experience Uncategorized

Treatment of atopic dermatitis: our experience

Planning a pregnancy and preparing for childbirth, I, like most moms, I read many books about infants, watched the video, looking for information on care and development. Of course, I focused on the recommendations for treatment of various viral and bacterial infections, however, information about Atopic Dermatitis (hereinafter-ATD) have absolutely no interest in, since neither …

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