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Do I need bed rest for Ari?

It is often possible to hear the recommendation that in acute respiratory viral infections (hereinafter-SARS) should be observed bed rest. Moreover, bed rest is a very common medical recommendation, which is sometimes found in assignment sheets even month children. The treatment of disease almost at the genetic level is perceived by us as a necessary …

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Often sick children

It is no secret that children suffer from acute respiratory diseases (ARI) more often than adults (the reasons for this phenomenon are discussed here). However, the incidence of disease can be very different among children. For toddlers who suffer more often than their peers, the medical literature introduces a special medical term "FAC" (which means …


Why do children get sick more often?

According to statistics, the incidence of children with respiratory infections is 1.5-3 times higher than that of adults. In this article I would like to consider the reasons for this phenomenon. Lack of immunological experience For some reason, in our time, many are used to associate frequent childhood illnesses with reduced immunity and at every …


Features of SARS in children

In the article "Symptoms (signs) of ARVI" it was already mentioned that the symptoms of ARVI can have some features related to the age of the patient. Especially it concerns children. Infants, regardless of the severity of the disease, usually have fever (temperature above 38 degrees), rhinitis, anxiety, difficulty in feeding and falling asleep. The …


Ways of Transmission of SARS

In order to determine the methods of prevention of SARS, it is necessary to begin to understand: how exactly is the infection of this infection? It seems that everything is obvious, but there is an unfounded opinion that it is possible to get sick from draughts or wet feet. At the same time, some of …

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