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Rules for the use of hormonal drugs for atopic dermatitis

Treatment with local hormonal drugs (or as doctors beautifully say “topical glucocorticosteroids”, and hereinafter simply “IHP”) is currently considered the most effective method of treating children with atopic dermatitis, and this effectiveness has been proven by  numerous controlled studies and  many years of practice. No matter how afraid the parents are to use such drugs, it is still …

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Hormonal drugs for atopic dermatitis: are they needed, how safe, which ones are suitable for babies

Are hormonal drugs needed for atopic dermatitis? There can be many reasons for exacerbation of atopic dermatitis , both allergic and non-allergic in nature. However, in the end we are dealing with skin inflammation, in which special types of cells take part, which secrete substances that provoke skin redness, edema, and itching. In addition, many microorganisms live on the …

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 The diet of a nursing mother and its effect on milk

In Ireland, tea and toast with butter and jam are served immediately after childbirth. In Israel, grapefruit salad is served for breakfast. In the United States, lunch is served with tomato soup, red fish sandwich, coffee, and chocolate cake. In Australia, a stew with cabbage and green peas for dinner. In post-Soviet countries, immediately after childbirth, they give a …

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