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Weaning from breast or how to complete breastfeeding without tears: Mom's experience

Breastfeeding is probably one of the most natural processes. and nature considered everything: from becoming and transition to mature lactation until the completion of breastfeeding. However, due to the lack of continuity of generations (many of the current moms have grown by artificial feeding, and if they were breast-fed, our moms listened to more doctors …

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Hormonal drugs in atopic dermatitis: whether it is necessary, how safe, what are suitable for babies

Do you need hormonal medications for atopic dermatitis? The reasons for exacerbation of atopic dermatitis can be many, both allergic and nonallergic nature. However, in the end we are dealing with inflammation of the skin, which involves special types of cells that emit substances that provoke redness of the skin, swelling, itching. In addition, on …

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Atopic Dermatitis and teeth

Teething (dentacija)-a very difficult period for both the baby and his parents. Not only does heart bother constantly cheshushhiesja gums influence on the whole body-hence the constipation, diarrhea, snot, temperature and exacerbation of atopic dermatitis. Often obsypaet even those infants who never such a diagnosis is not compromised. "Accumulative allergies-are you looking for an allergen"-you …

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