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Hemoglobin standards in children and pregnant women

Even during pregnancy, expectant mothers often hear about reduced hemoglobin and anemia in their address, and after the birth of the child pediatricians are almost the same diagnosis and baby. However, if you look closely at the laboratory forms that make the blood test, you may notice that most of them are in the "Reference …

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Do I need bed rest for Ari?

It is often possible to hear the recommendation that in acute respiratory viral infections (hereinafter-SARS) should be observed bed rest. Moreover, bed rest is a very common medical recommendation, which is sometimes found in assignment sheets even month children. The treatment of disease almost at the genetic level is perceived by us as a necessary …

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Often sick children

It is no secret that children suffer from acute respiratory diseases (ARI) more often than adults (the reasons for this phenomenon are discussed here). However, the incidence of disease can be very different among children. For toddlers who suffer more often than their peers, the medical literature introduces a special medical term "FAC" (which means …

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Weaning from breast or how to complete breastfeeding without tears: Mom's experience

Breastfeeding is probably one of the most natural processes. and nature considered everything: from becoming and transition to mature lactation until the completion of breastfeeding. However, due to the lack of continuity of generations (many of the current moms have grown by artificial feeding, and if they were breast-fed, our moms listened to more doctors …

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